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 Ramp series Temperature Controller


1,Input and rangeThermocouple£ºK£¨-50¡«1300¡æ£©¡¢S£¨-50¡«+1700¡æ£©¡¢T£¨-200¡«+350¡æ£©¡¢E£¨0¡«800¡æ£©¡¢J£¨0¡«1000¡æ£©¡¢B£¨0¡«1800¡æ£©¡¢N£¨0¡«1300¡æ£©¡¢WRe(0¡«2300¡æ)¡¢Thermal resistancer£ºCU50£¨-50¡«150¡æ£©¡¢PT100£¨-20¡«600¡æ£©Linearity voltage£º0¡«5V¡¢1¡«5V¡¢0¡«1V¡¢0¡«100mV¡¢0¡«20mVLinearity current£¨with diffluent resistance£©£º0¡«10mA¡¢0¡«20mA¡¢4¡«20mA

2,precisionInput by thermal resistance , linearity voltage and linearity current 0.5F?S+1£»Thermocouple input adopt copper resistance or freezing compensate cold end 0.5 F?S +1£»Although the meter can measure B¡¢S¡¢WRE during the temperature 0¡«600¡æ,its measurement could not reach 0.5 class£»differentiate rate£º1¡¢0.1£»

3,response time: ¡Ü0.5s (filter parameter sets 0)£»

4,Adjusting modeON/OFF control method£¨Return difference can be adjusted£©£»Common PID control£¨with the parameter of self-setting function£©£»Intelligence adjustment(including vague PID adjustment and advanced control algorithm with the parameter of self-setting function)£»

5,Output specificationThe switch of relay contact point output£¨open+ closed£©£º250VAC/7A or 30VDC/10A£»SSR voltage:12VDC/30mA(apply for driving SSR relay)£»Contact point output with controllable silicon: can contact 5¡«500A two directions controllable silicon;2 separate directions controllable silicon opposite direction parallel£» Liner electric current output£º initial current and terminal current value can be defined when the output is 0¡«24mA£¨voltage range 11¡«23VDC£©£»

6,CommunicationSupport RS485communication mode£¬adopt AIBUS communication agreement£¬and baud rate support the below selection £º1200bps¡¢4800bps¡¢7200bps¡¢9600bps£»

7,AlarmSupport two passive contact output£¬relay contact 250VAC/7A£»It has four methods including upper limit, lower limit, positive deviation ,negative deviation .It can output 2 ways at most£»

8,Movement with hand: Automatic /Manual£»

9,Dimension: 96*96, 72*72, 96*48, 48*96, 48*48, 160*80, 80*160

10,Power supply85V-242VAC£¬50-60HZ£»power consumption ¡Ü4W£»

11,working circumstanceEnvironment temperature:0¡«50¡æ£¬humidity ¡Ü85£¥,no corrode and strong electromagnetism disturb£»

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