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 DIN Rail Mounting Temperature Controller

DIN-rail Temperature Controller WL300
Description of DIN-rail temperature controller:
DIN-rail temperature controller CH3000 adopts multi-input for thermocouple, RTD, Volt, and mA , Relay, the output include SSR, SCR, Voltage/mA, etc.
Features of DIN-rail temperature controller:
1. RS485 serial interface meet MODBUS/RTU protocol
2. PID control with auto tuning
3. Automatic/Manual operation
4. Initial preheating RAMP function
5. Power for two-wire transmitter
6. Opto-isolator digital input for second set point and other programmable functions
7. Settable OFF-SET for input signal
8. Selectable heating/cooling control
9 Max/min set points limitation by user
10. Selectable max output power to load
11. Re-transmission, the transmission target can be set as PV; SV or the output power
Parameters of DIN-rail temperature controller:
Pt100/Pt1000 selectable
mA output/Voltage output selectable
0-20mA / 4-20mA output selectable
Application of DIN-rail temperature controller:
TST, a maker of digital controllers: digital temperature controllers, thermocouple heads, temperature sensors, digital humidity controllers, etc.

DIN Rail Mount. Display temperature value. PID, One Alarm value output.

1, Precision: 0.5FS1words, cold compensation 1
3, Relay output. Contact point capacity: Resistance load 7A
4, SSR drive signal: Current above 15mA, Empty load voltage above      12V, cycle 2S
5, Power: AC90V242V,50HZ power consume3W
6, Enviroment: 050, Relative humidity85. No corrosive and no electromagnetic radiancy
7, Dimension: 35mm Standard DIN Rail mount


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